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Fishing from a Crusoe TrimaranDesigned with flats, in-shore and off-shore angling (5 miles) in mind, Crusoe Craft & Marine has created a host of innovative solutions that include:


• A shallow draft of only 230mm and a load capacity of 380KG's
• A rugged Teflon rubbing strip that re-enforces the keel and pontoons.
• A 40L live bait well that sits aft of the mast seat.
• A removable insulated hatch for preserving bait or catch (an Engel
  fridge unit fits neatly into the hatch area) when range is critical.
• Sealed screw end rod tubes mounted beneath the pontoons.
• Ample non-slip deck-space for fly, spinning or sight fishing
• An aft guiding or viewing platform.
• Rotating rod-holders. 

Shade solutions

A 3.5m x 3.5m stretch tent can be mounted using a number of configurations. Lightweight and waterproof, it can also be used as a bivouac when camping overnight.

Flexible seating

The seating can be rotated or moved onto the deck area for an added field of vision. Alternatively, it can be removed altogether and used ashore.

Crusoe trimaran - good for fishing
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