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Crusoe Craft & Marine have undertaken a low impact hybrid design that rests on the following principals:

  • The wide beam, flat hull profile and fine entry bow means that the boat will travel with little or no wake when under sail or when powered with the correct power source (see endorsed below).
  • The draft is only 23cm when unloaded and 28cm when fully loaded. This further reduces drag and wake.
  • The 9.9HP (can take up to a 15HP for open water) 4-stroke Yamaha outboard motor has been chosen so that the craft can outrun a wave when lunching through surf. However, a smaller 4HP 4-stroke engine means that the boat will still move quickly, with a very low fuel consumption, making it ideal for longer trips.
  • In order to convert her to a "green" vessel, she can be outfitted with an electric hybrid outboard by Torqeedo, which uses submarine technology to push out the equivalent of a 6-8HP outboard motor.
  • A bank of deep cycle batteries drive the powerful, yet silent electric motor. Batteries can be recharged by either plugging into a 24V outlet, using a selection of solar, wind, or tide driven trickle chargers, or by means of a small, silent, low emission and fuel efficient Paguro 3000 diesel generator. Paddle and rowing solutions abound. And given the craft’s aft guiding platform, she is ideal for poling. We also offer a Gondola-inspired aft paddle system, which works on a single oversized blade.
Beached Trimaran - Yamaha and Torqueedo motors inset
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