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Inspired and designed around the concept of exploration, the following features make the Crusoe 18ft Tri the perfect all-rounder:

Hybrid power sources
Light weight
Impressive stowage capacity
Security [lockable & trackable]
Range for size
4x4 trailer towing
Easy to launch. 
Ergonomics. Comfort and practically are of key importance and influenced every aspect of the design phase.

Ample stowage: When in full touring mode, there are 21 separate stowage compartments across her deck and pontoon areas. Each compartment is sealed and some are lockable, which makes for the easy storage of fuel, water, food, sporting equipment, camera gear and more.

Range for size: If properly packed, the craft acts as a mobile equipment locker and is ideal for short or extended getaways. When combined with the correct trailer,she can stay packed and primed, ready for the next undertaking. In short, Crusoe Trimaran is an ideal companion for nature / journalistic photography or short notice surfing and fishing trips. 

Safety: Crusoe Craft & Marine will equip your order with all the necessary components and electronics of your choice (or our Crusoe endorsed range) in order to bring her up to spec with coast-guard and safety requirements the world over.

Crusoe Trimaran Expeditions
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